Strategic Marketing Consultancy - How Can We Help?

The Brand Detectives Sole It Service - we find the missing pieces of the puzzle to solve problems.


Using our tailored toolkit - Solve It - we work with you to get to the bottom of your toughest marketing challenges. As a first step we conduct an initial strategy review to pin point our strongest leads. Delving deeper we use an evidence-led investigative approach to uncover the root cause of brand decline and stagnation to develop winning growth strategies

We work closely as a squad to crack the case, even if it means going undercover, informing on sacred cows and swallowing the odd bitter pill. The approach is fun and interactive so while the goal is tough the process keeps everyone engaged.

The Brand Detectives Hunt It Service - we follow the footprints to uncover new growth opportunities.


When we build growth plans we use our bespoke Hunt It toolkit to follow the clues in emerging trends, your market, category and customer behaviour, to uncover what your customers and consumers really want from you. Together we'll uncover new opportunities that align with your stretch business capability and your brand, to build innovation plans to sustainably grow your business, delivering concept ideas and a robust innovation funnel.

The Brand Detectives Call For Back-Up Service - we're just a phone call away.


Important, but not urgent ... yet? If you’ve got a strategic growth project that’s burning a hole in your desk, but other priorities mean your team just can’t get to it, then you can Call for Back-Up. As a marketing consultancy we can support on strategy development, turnaround projects, new business opportunity scoping, innovation, capability and process development and marketing/IT project management. We work as an extension of your team to scope out and deliver projects, providing regular updates, leaving you to focus on your other priorities. 





We often find that simply talking through your business plans with someone outside your organisation can help to identify opportunities and areas that could benefit from greater focus. With an objective approach we can support you to strengthen your strategy and plans to help you maximise growth from your strategic plans.



As a business grows there is often a need to build more formal planning processes. These can be used to ensure the whole organisation is aligned behind  common aims, with a clear strategy and plan to achieve them. We can help you build an efficient and effective process that supports growth and gets the most of our your resources.



Businesses often hold extensive commercial and customer data, market research reports and prior analysis but don't have the time to interrogate these key resources for trends, new opportunities and growth potential. We can take the pain out of this process and prepare an interrogation report for you.



Through deep analysis of revenue, profit and customer mix you can uncover opportunities to grow your business through targeting different purchase and usage occasions for your product and services. We can undertake the analysis and prepare a report with clear recommendations.



Often businesses look to new products and services to support their growth objectives. We can work with you to develop an on-going innovation process for your business to identify market opportunities and develop compelling ideas with the process steps to bring them to life. 



When it comes to building strategies and plans with your teams it can be hard to fully participate if you are running the sessions. Using outside facilitation ensures you can work alongside your team to build plans and open up new ideas and thinking.